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We have four regular blog series dedicated to key themes and central debates viewed thorough a TIP lens.

We also have a blog space for the ‘View from the Edge’ where we invite guest bloggers to share their views and experiences of TIP. If you’d like to feature please contact our Blog Editor, Geraldine Bloomfield.


Our regular series are:  

A focus on the TIP programme: experimentation, research, evaluation & capacity building

For our launch edition, the first blog in this series, focusing on the TIPC programme, looks at the role of experimentation for TIP. In our next edition, we shine a spotlight on Evaluation.

Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

STI for the SDGs. Science, technology and innovation are at the forefront of the drive to meet the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. Each blog edition looks at the TIP research being conducted and how it could help governments meet their SDG aims and ambitions.

Sustainable Europe 2030: the TIPC perspective

27 MARCH 2019 This is a think piece written by Professor Johan Schot for the European Commission Conference "Sustainable Europe 2030: From goals to delivery"  on April 8 2019 in Brussels The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations 2030...

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Spotlight on industrial strategy and TIP

Many policymakers around the world are looking for ways to develop new types of industries, economies and societies. This blog spot looks at how a TIP approach might illuminate. We open with thoughts on the UK Industrial Strategy’s view of innovation.  

A view from the Edge: TIP Experiences

Guest writers and TIPC members reflect on emerging themes and relevance of TIP from around the world. 

Transformative Innovation Policy – Kenya’s experience

March 2019 Authors: John Ayisi, Frank Ndakala, Rose Nyanga, Chux Daniels, and Marie Blanche Ting In the last two decades, Kenya has deeply transformed its innovation policy landscape in response to national needs. Key policy instruments including the Science,...

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An Interview with Dr. Ana Lúcia Stival

DECEMBER 2018 With TIPC’s first trip to Brazil, a country like many in the world going through huge changes and challenges, we talk to Dr Ana Lúcia Stival, a senior analyst from the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (MCTIC). Dr...

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June: the summer of Transformative Innovation Policy?

JONAS TORRENS | 25 JUNE 2018 For those interested in Transformative Innovation Policy, June was an exciting month, with two great conferences: the annual gathering of the Forum on Studies of Research and Innovation Policies (Eu-SPRI), held in Paris, and the...

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On development, STI policy and knowledge democratisation

RODRIGO AROCENA & JUDITH SUTZ, Universidad de la República, Uruguay If it is possible to simplify, it can be said that during the second half of the 20th century Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies went through three stages. The first one, Science...

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Blogs from our Pilot year

This section is an archive of all the blogs from our 2016-2017 pilot year. Take a look at our journey…

The view from Sweden: TIPC’s inaugural workshop meeting

FREDRIC BAUER, JOHAN CLEMENTE AND JOHAN MIÖRNER | 23 MARCH 2017 The Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium's (TIPC) first gathering to discuss inception phase work was at the University of Lund, Sweden in Feburary 2017, hosted by CIRCLE - the Centre for...

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TIPC aims outlined in Pan-Africa workshop

CHUX DANIELS, JOANNA CHATAWAY & ROBERT BRYNE | 14 JULY 2017 In June, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) based at the University of Sussex and the Tanzanian Government Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) co-hosted a workshop in Dar es Salaam to...

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A story of Finnish foresight & paradox

GERALDINE BLOOMFIELD | 27 MARCH 2017 Many economists have questioned why, in the main, their discipline neglected to foresee the global economic crisis of 2008. This failure of foresight extended, even in our era of hyper-globalisation, to some national governments...

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Towards Transformative Innovation Policy for Norway

LAUER KANGER | 02 FEBRUARY 2017 "A rich tapestry of the three frames of innovation policy are present in Norway. We need to let them know how to talk to one another." Johan Schot, Director of SPRU As Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, Research Council of Norway (RCN)’s Special...

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Colombia – A Snapshot from the Inception Visit

MATIAS RAMIREZ | 25 JANUARY 2017 “Transformative Innovation Policy above all is about changes in the socio-technical systems that involve multi-actors, address social and societal issue directly, have the potential to be disruptive and open the prospect of different...

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The Consortium’s beginnings

Johan Schot | 16 January 2017 "Transformative Innovation Policy is…innovation as a search process...informed by experience, and the learning that accompanies experience and a willingness to revisit existing arrangements to de-routinse them". (Framing Innovation Policy...

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8 APRIL 2019 


Professor Johan schot,Keynote address 


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